PT. CATUREKA ADIKRIDA was established in Jakarta since 1984. We have more than 30 years on build and design experiences as General Contractor and Consultant.

We have practical experiences in producing various types of steel frameworks for the construction of Factory, Warehouse, Storage, Processing Tank, and Feed Mill. We also have reliable experience and competence in concrete work for the construction of Office, Mansion, Retail Shop (SoHo), Tank Fondation, Water Treatment, and Infrastructure as well. The durability of our products have been tested and guaranteed.

At present, PT. CATUREKA ADIKRIDA has more than 200 staffs which include some young engineers with promising and outstanding talents, such as technical, marketing and management. Our skilled workers have high exploration and innovation spirit in finding new methods to improve the product quality which including the safety of workers and increaseing the efficiency in project management that will lead to faster working time.

The purpose of our company is to become a world class construction company. In order to achieve that, we prioritize client trust, satisfaction, and surrounding environtment. We build with pride and keep innovating to face future challenges in the construction sector.

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To be the professional contractor company that creates opportunities and build projects all over Indonesia for the welfare of humankind.

Providing construction design that meet client needs and satisfaction.

Conducting human resource management through continuous training, improvement of facilities and work environment and provide adequate welfare.

Create mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers and partners.

Prioritizing project safety, on time schedule, and best product quality.
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